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Plastic Donuts

Plastic Donuts is the story of a special gift that helped me to see giving from God’s perspective. 

Don't let title or small size of this book mislead you. The message is the result of Jeff's deep-dive study of roughly 2,000 gift mentions of the Bible. Plastic Donuts takes away the cringe and awkwardness that so often accompanies the subject of giving. This frees people to think differently… and biblically.  

Plastic Donuts brings everyone – leaders and followers, teachers and learners – onto the same page.

You won’t see giving the same way after reading this book. 



"Plastic Donuts is truly a fresh perspective on giving, moving people away from “What do I have to do” to “What can I do?”  Jeff has skillfully woven a bible-centered message on giving into a condensed, easily-read book that can be applied to people’s lives immediately.  It is rare to find a resource that speaks to the new Christian just discovering what giving means, to the lifelong tither who longs to know more about generosity." Matt Carlson, Boulder Valley Christian Church
"This message and book changed our perspective on giving, but also grew our giving culture in noticeable ways." Pastor Brad, Core Church

NEW - Companion Guide for Plastic Donuts

  • Six pages of interactive review and reflection
  • Helps people put truths into action
  • Can be integrated into our FREE Sunday School and Small Group outlines 
  • Or used by individuals with the Plastic Donuts book 
  • Includes detachable card for wallet or purse
  • 2-11: $3 each 
  • 12-99: $2 each 
  • 100+: $1 each




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